Please make UI features more streamlined and less fancy

I know it’s visually cool to have it collapse but in terms of usability, it’s not that cool.
There no reason for this button to be collapsed.

I’m confused, why are the collapsable menus an issue?

Honestly I have to agree that the 4.15 change to the Inputs/Outputs is bad. There’s no reason to have such a tiny + button for adding parameters when there’s nothing else that needs the room that the change freed up.

This is what we call easy fix, yet immeasurable relief to those who use it often.

New Parameter button collapsed by default for no reason, at all.

Seconded. Please bring back the full fat NewParameter button.

I’m guessing the complaint is, it’s not easy to click?
I could see that. If anything, make it an editor preference if it isn’t already.

Personally, I like the minimalistic design and don’t have a problem with small buttons.

I think the bigger issue is that you actually have to hit a button to make a new parameter, Id much rather be able to type “new var” or whatever into the context (rmb menu). Engine totally needs to rely less on buttons to do things because taking your hand off the keyboard can be annoying as hell.

I also hate what they did to the nodes that have no header; was a nice “glass like box”, now those are rounded semi-transparent ugly nodes >(


Maybe if Epic insists on having buttons collapse they could at least put in a minimum size check?