Please keep support to directx 10

I was using directx 10, dx11 and directx mobile in my commercial PC game. I wanted to continue support for dx10 because there are still people with lowend PCs. Wasn’t that your intention (EPIC GAMES) when you put directx mobile on pc? In past versions I was using this in the DefaultEngine.ini file to support dx10:


But now at 4.25 it doesn’t work anymore (I don’t know which version it was removed) with a dx10 video card, my game doesn’t open anymore and gives the message “DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine” when someone with dx10 tries to open my game. I wanted dx10 because more people will be able to play my game and my game is optimized to run on lowend PCs and even with integrated graphics, thanks to directx mobile.
The name of my game is Galaxy’s Extreme in case anyone wants to see it on youtube and I will release soon.
Please, if you can maintain support for dx10 I would be very grateful.

(I don’t know which version it was

Around 4.16-4.17 afair - 2-3 years ago or thereabout. It’s not going to happen. I can easily imagine UE5 ditching support for DX11 somewhere during its lifetime.

It’s really time to move on.