Please help with texture issues

Hi! I’m trying to make my first proper game and have come across a problem with the character texture that I don’t know how to solve.
The texture is supposed to look like this V

But when I load it in to unreal, it comes out as this V

The only thing I’ve done to it is set the filter to Nearest.
This has occurred with two out of the four textures I’ve loaded so far, and I’d like to be able to deal with this issue should it occur again in the future.
Please help!

Does the texture have a white BG, or is there no BG?

There’s no background on any of the textures so far. Why?

Update: I’ve tried increasing the size of the textures and that seams to have work for one of them, the other texture still has the same problems. V

There has got to be an easier way to fix this problem without constantly increasing the size of the texture. Any Ideas?

Why did you import a smaller version? Looks when when I import full res:


EDIT: nevermind, even when I reduced the size of the image I didn’t get the color issues you’re getting. Sorry, don’t know why

Try masking, too.

Are you importing by png by any chance? png is the only format I know of that uses the image alpha and can mess with the import.

Just found a solution! I re-imported the image after setting the Compression Settings to VectorDisplacementmap, and that seems to have solved the problem.
Thanks anyway for all the support!

Happy to see you found a solution! Thanks for sharing. =)