Please Help, some kind of lighting bug when streaming levels on 4.24?

something is going on and I really need help to figure out what is going on, if I stream out of 1 level, even though that level has its own static lighting and lightmass importance volume, it is making my door completly black. its effecting my meshes on a level that static lights shouldnt effect it in.

I have a door so you the player cant tell when the level is being streamed out, but if the level is streamed out my door thats on 2 level is being effected by the lights from on level 1. Even if I put a static light in front of the door or mesh, it still turns black. I posted a picture for reference.

as you can see if I move before the streaming voume its black but if I move into the streaming volume, it lights up the door on the other side.

I have started the map over and over and the problem is there. It defys the laws of unreal engine as the static point light should always light on the door when baked.

I can’t quite see what’s going on here, but lighting should remain in it’s own level of course.

I notice that when your door looks good, in fact you have both levels loaded… Is that of interest?

Hi, sorry for resurrecting this from the past, but I am having similar issue with lighting. As soon as I load my streamed level the current level will go completely dark . I have the two stream level loaded, should I unload the one I am traveling from? Did you ever figure this out?