Please help: Player 2 not joining session with default possessed pawn or controller

Ok it took me a bit to understand that this might not be a problem with the game mode since the game mode itself only instantiates on the server and not the client, but the defaults of the game mode, such as default pawn, default contoller, etc USED to trigger properly for player 2 when joining a session but now do not. They still work properly for player 1 who is acting as a listener server, but any joining player ends up at the wrong spawn point with no designated controller class and no pawn.

I don’t know why i can go back to an old backup of this project and still get it to work. I don’t know what has changed, because i just opened this project one day and it stopped working. Please tell me why this is happening.

can anyone please respond this is preventing me from moving forward with my game and i’ve been trying to find an answer for weeks

bumping again because i still haven’t gotten an answer and i’ve asked this question on every platform i know

First thing you should do is go through the log and look for warning or error clues.
Perhaps the first pawn is blocking the spawn of the second.

The gamemode only exist on the host but it is still responsible for spawning a pawn and tell it to be possess for all the other players too.
Switch to a gamemode that you know works and see if it solves the issue.

Now that you learned the lesson of how painful it is to break a project and not know what went wrong you should begin to use source control.