Please Help Graphics issue

I tried using the answerhub but no one replies i paid today for this i am more accustomed to UE3 and i am having a very unique problem which i cannot solve. The graphics used in level creation are either perfect which only occurs when using a sample game or terrible on some sample games and when creating a new level.

You posted this on AnswerHub only an hour ago and you aren’t even describing your problem properly or giving any screenshots. Be more descriptive and patient please.

Linking in your AnswerHub Post here:

As Jacky noted you will need to have a little patience when you post issues. The support team try to answer as many questions as possible, but we are not a 24 hour service. The AnswerHub is very much community driven as well so you there will be an answer for most questions that are asked.

When posting an issue on the forums for feedback be sure to include relevant information along with the link to your AnswerHub post. It makes it that much more easy to get eyes on your issue and if this can be easily resolved or will need a little back and forth to help you get it solved. :slight_smile:

Thank you!