Please explain about post process materials


I am trying to do some experiments with post processing materials. But can’t get it work.

I have tried to follow the unreal documentation but could not get it work.

For example, I want to make a cartoon style or cell rendering with post process material. Can someone help me with that?


First you’ll need to setup your material and once that’s done you’ll need to change the Material Attributes. Under the Material tab you’ll see the first option is Material Domain (with default set to Surface) that you’ll click the drop down and select Post Process.

When you’ve setup your PostProcess Volume have you added the material to the volume? If not you can do this by using the PostProcess details panel and scroll down to the area that says “Misc” > where it says Blendables select the + sign to add a material.

If this doesn’t solve you’re problem feel free to ask more questions. :slight_smile:


I have set up a post process material with correct attributes. But can’t get it work. Every time I try to apply the material it comes up with black screen. Can you explain me with a material graph for post process effect like outline or vector(cartoon) style shading? That’s what I wanted to ask. :slight_smile:

Can you post an image of your material setup for your Post Process material?

You’ll need to make sure that you have scenetexture nodes setup in your material as well. This will pass information from your scene into the material that is the post process.

You can see how this is setup in this tutorial from the Unreal Engine Wiki -

And here is another for a Gameboy style Post Process

and another for night vision.

This is the pp material that I’m trying to do.
I have found the material from this thread.

I have also tried to do the video scanline and nightvision effect. But whatever I do, I just see black color on my viewport.

Pls help.

You’ll need to at least add or change the sceneTexture on the right side to be PostProcessInput0 and change the value of the black constant vector to any value above 0 to get light in your scene.

WOW! That really did the work.

But there are still a few problems.

The skydome is not rendering on the viewport with the post process material applied. Also Can you please show me how can I get the outline effect to work?

Thanks a lot!

Glad that worked for you, at least to some degree. :slight_smile:

The outline effect can be complicated to setup, but there are some resources out there to help you dig into it more though!

In our Content Examples you can open up the Stylized demo that has a black outline material for the post process.

Also this user has setup something as well that is pretty neat with outline. In the project it setup to only work on an object that is pointed out but if you look through it there should be a way to get it to work for the scene and not just the objects it’s directed at.