Please do not Comment on Spam Threads

Hi everyone,

This is just a reminder! Please refrain from commenting on spam threads. It takes more time as we have to go in and delete those additional messages before we can delete and ban the spammer to prevent accidental bans of actual users. We are working on some steps to try and better control the spam situation and we greatly appreciate your patience while we get it completely under control. Thank you!

Something i wonder:
I see those bot spam usually in “General Discussion”. Why just there?

Something i have seen in other foums is a SpamBot-Bucket section. Each user which posts there is banned automatically or temporarily deactivated from posting. (Only pm to contact admin/moderator)

Those aren’t spambots actually. Those are humans. And sadly, it’s not only general discussion. It happens nearly in all sections. But we try to delete them as fast as possible.

They do tend to post in general a lot more than in other sections, but there is no specific reason we have been able to see.

Build a span filter that bans whoever uses some of those key-words, it’s not that hard this is becoming stupid.

But the same posts are on thousands of other forums as well each day…so although a human might have started the process it has to be bots…i would love to hear why you think its actually people making the posts

They adept to get over the word filters as well, and they are even capable of following you on Twitter if you ban them too many times.

Hey Errvald,

Thanks for your feedback. We have already done this for numerous words that they have been using. A lot of the words that they have been using have altered spellings so it is making it very difficult to keep the spammers at bay. We are continuously changing the word filter to help with this problem. We are still working on a new system to help get rid of the spam as well

Thanks and have a great day!

lol thats a pretty frustrating situation for you guys to deal with but you may end up with a healthy twitter following…bots are able to do all this and more these days…and thanks for the work you guys as mods put into it

:stuck_out_tongue: Fortunately they dont spam me there

It might be an automation thing - a lot of forums have a “general” board of some sort, so their spam software may just check the name and post to whichever matches the name filter.

When they post in General Discussion and we catch them after their first posts a couple of times in a row they head to other sections in hopes of avoiding us. They use Content Creation and Marketplace quite often as well.

I don’t use twitter ! Give me a “ban spam guys access” account !!! ^^

Ah - scratch that then. Doesn’t seem to follow an obvious pattern of those are the other main boards they go to.

Try filtering the titles too.

I must admit, I can’t see why you can’t mod them by checking various 4-digit blocks of their phone number in the title.

The false positives from putting 9132 or 2216 (or whatever, it is consistent, apart from some spacing, which can be got round by checking several blocks), in the subject line must be miniscule.

Still, I’ve been a mod on two sites, and one of them was a real battle of attrition, so I feel your pain. :frowning:

Maybe add a couple more of mods so they can help?.

I would help deleting those messages every time I’m here, if you need it. This forums worth it.

It’s been a while since I messed with VBulletin, but you cannot just delete a thread with replies? That seems annoying, doesn’t anyone know PHP at Epic that can hack that in? Need someone? :wink:

Ah man you can’t get rid of those threads how would I know where to find vashkiran man love next time I’m in Bombay?

Dont even type his name you might get accidently banned…Thats the dark magic he has weaved here