Please do not Comment on Spam Threads

Wow someone made me laugh on an intertnet forum. This has never happened before. Well done sir :slight_smile:

The keywords are always the same, I believe EPIC is not filtering the titles…

For me , best solution , 2 conditions => not subscriptions and first thread => Moderator must accept the thread (always Dev & modo here)

Hey all - Spam! Its been a fight here, though we have a few new policies heading into place very soon to help curb some of this.

For those that haven’t necessarily seen some of the other spam fighting threads, context! - We’ve got some interesting obstacles to overcome on our end, and these aren’t bots, but humans, so we have to pivot a lot when trying to predict their behavior.

More updates soon, I assure you we are working on it!

Thanks for your patience with it all. :cool:

Their targeting is amazingly poor. Black magic? Love spells? On the game developers’ forum? You gotta be kidding!

90% of them use the same words in their titles, you must be only filtering the body.

They are not targeting the readers of this forum. They’re trying to make their operation be the first thing that shows up in Google searches when confused individuals look for… er… guidance.

there’s an easy solution i think :slight_smile:
you can prevent any one from opening a thread if he has least than 25 replies

Imagine how that would have upset you when you started your first thread. :wink:

I like it when sites require moderation for posts for users who haven’t earned enough reputation. Requiring spammers to make at least a few on-topic posts before they have unmoderated post ability seems like a pretty effective filter.

When you come here to post first, you are probably not able to answer engine questions, but you rather are riddled with them :wink:

well, you can help ppl with replies
it isn’t a lot 25 replies but for a spammer, every time he’ll have to do that, it’ll be at least anoying for him :smiley:

Unreal Engine forum currently using vbulletin script version 4.2.2 , as you know vbulletin also one of the favourite spammer give their spam with easy, please the moderator or admin contact Vbulletin support to handle this situation, as i know there are view tweak to handle this bad bad bad spammer,

I know for a fact I would not have started using the engine if this were the case.

Lovely, and we should start trying to delete all those spam posts in threads… Would be annoying for a lot of people, including the mods, and for the spammers it wouldn’t make a difference at all.

Probably you should add some script on member registration form, where you’ll ask: “what is this site about”, with possible answers like “sports wearing”, “kitchens” etc, and with “Unreal engine” in the list, at random place. Most people who spamming on forums found targets from search engines, and doesn’t know any details about where they are.

I have actually been meaning to mention this, whatever you guys at Epic switched on in the past week is working really well! Not sure if the mod’s have it any easier dealing with accounts, but I have not seen any spam for the past few days, it’s great!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Yeah, it really seems to have worked really well. Didn’t want to mention it at all, afraid to jinx it :slight_smile:

So, congratulations, whatever you did, it has worked out worked brilliantly.

Yeah the vash…has moved out and over at Answerhub.

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to hear that you guys like the changes, we are looking at implementing some additional security measures on the answerhub as well, though it requires something a little different so I do not have a timeframe on when that will be implemented. We are doing what we can to stem the tide in the meantime!