Please bring back the legacy answerhub

Lots of links are now broken with answers to problems located on the old answerhub.

You can just put the answerhub in archive only mode so that old links still work, or alternatively you can redirect the old links to the new URL of that answer.


This is really important - there are nearly 10 years of useful answers indexed by Google on and none of these are now reachable.

I’m really pleased by the new site and new documentation, but there are many gems of useful information that will even disappear from Google’s cached pages soon.

Please bring back the answerhub archive at the original URLs.

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Do you have links to the Answers you’re referring to so that we can look into this further?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi Skye, of course, here are a few examples which I gathered with a few google searches:

I have a related issue - some images are missing from old Forum posts, for example this thread:

Reading the posts it’s apparent that at least two of the posts in the thread should have images attached but they are no longer visible. Can these images be restored?

Sorry for the problems, we are investigating.

For images - we have had some trouble during the migration process where attachments did not come through as expected and additional work had to be done post migration to resolve that. Investigating further on Monday with the team.

Re links - All 138 000+ Answerhub posts were migrated and are on the forum. Nothing should be lost. All old links should forward, and google should find all new links.
But yes indeed those 3 links posted here are dead. We are investigating that one too as to why the redirecting is not handling these.
All 3 of the ones mentioned here do actually exist:

Edit: The problem is the locale in the URL. If you remove en-US from the Answerhub URL the redirect works fine. Many AH URLs do not have the URL in them, but it appears we may have overlooked what happens when the locale is present. This should be an easy fix I will ask the team to work out next week. Sorry for having overlooked this.

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Hey Sjoerd, thank you, I really appreciate you and the team taking the time to track down these problems, and for all your efforts to develop the learning portal and new dev community.

This seems to have mostly been fixed now.

If I find anything broken I will post here.

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I found some posts, I don’t remember which one specifically where the images are not showing up.

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I just tinkered before and just recently came back. So THAT is what happened and why everything is all over the place. No wonder I’m so confused