please add embree 3.1 for renderng

we still using embree 2.14 in unreal

New Features in Embree 3.1.0

  • Added new normal oriented curve primitive for ray tracing of grass-like structures.
  • Added new grid primitive for ray tracing tessellated and displaced surfaces in very memory efficient manner.
  • Fixed bug of ribbon curve intersector when derivative was zero.
  • Installing all static libraries when EMBREE_STATIC_LIB is enabled.
  • Added API functions to access topology of subdivision mesh.
  • Reduced memory consumption of instances.
  • Improved performance of instances by 8%.
  • Reduced memory consumption of curves by up to 2x.
  • Up to 5% higher performance on AVX-512 architectures.
  • Added native support for multiple curve basis functions. Internal basis conversions are no longer performed, which saves additional memory when multiple bases are used.
  • Fixed issue with non thread safe local static variable initialization in VS2013.
  • Bugfix in rtcSetNewGeometry. Vertex buffers did not get properly overallocated.
  • Replaced ImageMagick with OpenImageIO in the tutorials.

New Features in Embree 3.0.0

  • Switched to a new version of the API which provides improved flexibility but is not backward compatible. Please see “Upgrading from Embree 2 to Embree 3” section of the documentation for upgrade instructions. In particular, we provide a Python script that performs most of the transition work.
  • User geometries inside an instanced scene and a top-level scene no longer need to handle the instID field of the ray differently. They both just need to copy the context.instID into the ray.instID field.
  • Support for context filter functions that can be assigned to a ray query.
  • User geometries can now invoke filter functions using the rtcFilterIntersection and rtcFilterOcclusion calls.
  • Higher flexibility through specifying build quality per scene and geometry.
  • Geometry normal uses commonly used right-hand rule from now on.
  • Added self-intersection avoidance to ribbon curves and lines. Applications do not have to implement self-intersection workarounds for these primitive types anymore.
  • Added support for 4 billion primitives in a single scene.
  • Reduced memory consumption by 192 bytes per instance.
  • Fixed some performance issues on AVX-512 architectures.
  • Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) and Corporate Contributor License Agreement (CCLA) no longer required to contribute to the project.