Please add custom hardware cursor support

I really can’t believe it’s not possible to change the hardware cursor to something manually specified in UE4…

I know it works for software cursors, but really, who want’s to have software cursors in a game? They are laggy, they waste performance and they are laggy! Having a game run with 30fps might be acceptable for most people, but having the mouse move with 30fps is definitely not acceptable.

UE4 is out for over a year now and this is really basic functionality… Even games from 15 years ago were able to use nice animated custom hardware cursors, so this surely is no magic.

I would accept if this would be possible and not blueprint exposed, but it’s not even possible with c++ in UE4 without modifying the source code!

I know it’s possible to add this feature with modifying the source code of UE4, but really, do this every time a new version of UE4 is released and hoping it still works is not a solution.

Where is the problem? Why do you not just integrate this into the Engine? This is so basic functionality… Who cares about GI or foliage improvements if it’s not even possible to change the cursor… :stuck_out_tongue:

This :slight_smile: I was looking for custom hardware cursor since 4.2, just after i’ve learned how to turn off lamps and open doors. Then, happy Slavq created a new, cool cursor and went to project preferences to change it with one click and some drop down menu… And it was like “Surprise motha****a, you can’t”…
Heavy experience. Still crying over nights.

Completely agree with the need for custom hardware cursors, software cursors are pretty terrible when you are used to working at a high monitor refresh rate.

I’ve put this on my list to do. I’m not sure when i’ll get to it.

Thanks for the report.

I totally agree.
This is a must-have feature!

Is there any ETA or at least rough idea when we might see that feature?
For our current project we really need that feature, as re-compiling the sources for every new version is not an option for us.
Well, and software cursors are … ugly, laggy, just lame :slight_smile:

Bumping this since I could really use HW cursors for my project.
UE4 should support both .ani and .cur cursors.

Any news? I can’t find custom hardware cursor on Trello, I hope that it will not be forgotten :frowning: Imho it’s really a must-have thing for any game that use cursor more than just clicking through main menu.

Fully agreed, HW cursors are such a need-to-have, it’s hard to believe that there is no support for them in UE4. On top of that it’s quite disappointing to see that there is no ETA on this. Obviously many people are asking for this feature, there are multiple threads here in the forums on this topic, but the only reply by Epic is in the lines of “Yes we heard you, we will look into this in the future”.

In simple words: :frowning:

Someone already wrote code to add it in…

[EDIT] Oops I see the op is already aware of this solution… anyways ill keep this link here for other peoples.

Yeah but that is more a workaround than a real solution. Having to recompile the whole engine every time a new version comes out does not fix the issue. Also, as in our case for example, some teams and dev studios have policies to use only the official releases…

Custom cursor totally broken 4.7 and 4.8 - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums “already fixed within an upcoming release” (4.9)

Agreed – it’s about hardware mouse cursors in this thread. Software cursors not only are just lame (and no replacement for hardware cursors), apparently they are not even working in the current UE4 version :slight_smile:

Unity has decent custom cursor support

Can we have an update about your post, please? What is the progress? We in our RTS really must-have hardware cursor.

I agree, please give us some update :slight_smile: It does not seem to be in 4.9, so whats about 4.10?

Hey LittleGiant, where is it on your list? :slight_smile:

He doesn’t seem to be visiting forums anymore.

Custom hardware cursors are such a basic feature, I am still keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Well you can do your own cursor (and this is probably what Epic expected people will do), you just need to make a widget that follows mouse position. You definitely could do that in C++ not sure about blueprints