[Playstation VR] Enabling motion tracking for gamepad not working


I’m trying to use motion tracking of playstation gamepad instead of using ps move. For that during change of input (from ps move to gamepad) I call:


to disable current tracking devices ( I know there’s a limit on those), and then:

UMotionTrackedDeviceFunctionLibrary::EnableMotionTrackingOfDevice(PlayerIdx, EControllerHand::Pad)

but it always return **false **and the tracking does not work. Calling the same function for left and right hands works fine.

Is there something else I need to setup or check in order to get it to work?
I’m using engine version 4.21 and ps sdk 6.000.

Answering my own question:

**DS4MovementController **plugin has to be enabled. It would be great if it was noted somewhere in the documentation.