Playstation VR compatibility

Hello all,

I would like to know if the playstation vr will be compatible with UE4 ?
is there driver for computer ?

thanks in advance

i’ll try but with no results, if you realize somethings plz advice me ok?

Microsoft has been doing way better than Sony with every thing and they have the same graphics none better none worse they are the same

When it comes to PSVR, to my understanding, you have to have a DevKit or TestKit to be able to use the PSVR for VR Preview in UE4.

Yes. PSVR works with UE4, but you need a license from Sony to develop for their platform. There are special instructions to integrate PS4 with UE4, which are probably hidden away in a private sub forum.

where do we get the instructions to integrate PS4 with UE4 …any URL ??

Thanks in advance