PlayStation VR color reproduction/correction (How does UE do it?)

Hi, I’m involved with efforts to make PlayStation peripherals (especially VR related) work for Windows and other PC platforms. A collaborator of mine works in a game company that has published a PSVR game, on the PS4. They told me they used UnrealEngine for this. The OLED display of the PSVR has really, really bad color properties. It would be unacceptable as a monitor or television. It’s very clear to see Sony’s home-theater mode does color-correction in software to compensate. Its correction is by no means ideal, however in the regular pass-through mode (used by games) there is a no built-in correction. My working assumption is games must apply corrective procedures in their shaders.

For games using UnrealEngine, UE does this for the game. Or I assume it must do it, otherwise its games would not be presentable. What I’m trying to hunt down is the relevant code. I was recommended to the GitHub source code. However, I’m uncertain PS4 specific code would be published there. I’m looking for any leads, or anyone able to share. I’m working on the notion that whatever Sony recommends to developers to compensate for its OLED display’s deficiencies is not a trade-secret or anything. But I don’t actually know where precisely this falls in terms of what is open to public disclosure. Thank you. We are also working to help PC audiences use their Sony products with SteamVR games.