Playing youtube inside your level?

Hi, what would be the best way to play youtube video’s inside a level? They should be able to run as a video texture (or similar) inside the level so I can play them on a static mesh. I can do this perfectly with MP4/WMV but I can’t find a way to do it using native youtube URL. I don’t want to download these movies anymore but rather integrate them directly. I checked the internet but I only find similar questions that are outdated (2014/2015). I can’t image nobody else has this question.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Thanks, I did try the widget but a. I currently cannot launch my game when the browser plugin is enabled (posted separate thread for this) and b. I cannot just show the youtube movie standalone.

Anyone has another suggestion how to play a youtube from inside the level? I assumed this should be a fairly common question since many companies already have youtube content and the engine already plays MP4, WMV etc.

Bit of a late answer but the browser plugin is not needed at all. It’s actually fairly simple if you extract the MP4 from YouTube using a downloader written in PHP.

You would simply have to paste a link like this in your StreamMediaSource:[YT-ID]&format=best

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For those who still need to play a youtube directly from inside your level, here’s a post using my professional account describing a possible solution: