Playing 3D movies on a Quad for Oculus


Its my first post & I have just started with Unreal engine, so please forgive my very basic questions. Here is what I am trying to achieve :

Assume you have a 3d environment with a screen / Quad as the only geometry. I have left eye & right eye rendered movie files with me. I want to play these movies on the quad so that once viewed through Oculus I get the feel of a 3d movie, just like in real life we see 3d movies when viewed through goggles.

This has been already achieved by me in Unity. In Unity, their oculus integration comes with a camera prefab which has left eye camera & right eye camera. Now for the stereo part, I loaded Quad twice at exact same location. You can then assign each geometry to a different layer ( left eye layer & right eye layer ). Each quad is assigned respective eye movie texture i.e. quad in left eye layer renders left eye movie & quad in right eye renders right eye movie. Now the real trick is, we make sure in Unity’s camera setup, left eye camera is looking at quad from left layer only & right eye camera is looking at quad from right eye! Once this setup is done, & when viewed through oculus, I get stereoscopic movie playback on a quad !!!

I am now trying to achieve the same result using Unreal, but not quite sure how to go about it. :confused:

I came across this thread :

But looks like this requires movie to be rendered in SBS way.

In any case, I am going to try what is mentioned in above tutorial to see the output.

Can anyone please suggest me the way to go about the requirement using Unreal engine? Playing video was piece of cake, but I also need to know about stereoscopic movie playback. Any help would be much appreciated.


The tutorial you’ve linked is the only way I’ve found to display stereo video as a texture in UE, and yes your video file needs to be SBS. I can confirm that it does work quite nicely if you follow the tutorial. You definitely get a frame rate hit in VR mode when running a video texture, so to be honest it’s probably better to run a single SBS file than trying to stream two single-eye files at once.

Also, if you export an alpha-only version of your video, you can make portions of the video texture transparent in UE, which is awesome.


Thank you so much for the response. I haven’t yet tried the approach mentioned as I wanted to have its sanity. you seem to got that working, I will give it a go & will revert back soon. Appreciate the reply.


You can actually just use the ScreenPosition values to Lerp between two separate movie textures, should you wish to get full resolution on your stereo images. There’s no telling how reliable the syncing will be however.


I confirm that method mentioned in the link works like a charm on a Quad. However, we have a scenario where we are using different projection methods. e.g> Dome, Spherical, latlong etc. When I tried the above method on the geometry which has custom UV layout for the movie texture playback(stereo SBS), it failed. Simple example would be that of curved screen with tweaked UV layout so that when movie is projected on that screen, renders correctly.

I guess for that to work, I will need to modify given material itself. Any thoughts, suggestions are welcome.

Was there any progress of perhaps bringing this into 360* video or top bottom?

how did you make it work with this SBS file i folowed the tutorial from the link and i just can not find absolute world position… so for me it does not work… is this tested with dk2?