PlayerStart Z Coordinate Limitations

Hello, I’m playing with the PlayerStart object and trying to spawn a character at -250,000 Z and also one at 600,000 Z (well, first I tried 7 million Z), but the game doesn’t seem to like it much below -70 Z and above 250,000 Z. So I figure I’d have to make my own PlayerStart. Has anyone done something like this before? Is there a class I can customise in C++ to change the default behaviour to allow for greater control?


Edit: Well, I got the top spawn to go to 1 million. I’ll work with this until later. I’m trying to create a seamless planet-to-space colony transportation so the player can watch the whole thing (not in realistic terms… this isn’t “Space Elevator Sim”, but maybe there’s an idea for somebody to steal.

In the world settings you have the minimum Z:


along with the world bounds:


There should be no limitation to the spawn location. What you may experience is floating point precision issues to the extent that things will even start not rendering correctly once you get far enough.

I would highly reccomend that you play around with manually setting world origin shifting so as to avoid that.
if you are looking for even a 15% similarity to life in terms of distance to travel the shift is a must.

Perfect, cheers! My space elevator is looking mighty fine. Now I have have a whole other planet out there instead of using the same world! I literally just pulled an all-nighter and I can’t even remember the last time I stayed up all night. I’m not even tired! Last time I made a game I had to manually type all the coordinates for everything and shaders were new. This is so much faster. And on the plus side, I think I made some pretty neat shader effects.