Player's view angles on the device don't match view angles in the Editor

I posted this issue yesterday:

No matter how I turn player’s character in the Editor, on the device it always spawns looking into a particular direction (at first I thought it was 180 deg., but I that’s not the case).

In the Editor:

On the device:

I was recommended to reset Orientation on eventbeginPlay, which I tried but it didn’t do anything:

Am I using that node wrong way?

Apparently a bug, confirmed.

By the way, I somehow managed to fix that by deleting the camera that i had coming from 4.10 and created a new one - then it simply worked. However it seems like the new camera although aligned properly isn’t at the correct height. It runs properly in any preview, but on the device it’s reset to the vertical center of the character capsule.

Care to report that bug in AnswerHub ?

There are multiple reports on that, also see here.

So has it been fixed since then? (in 4.11pre8)

Doesn’t seem so. As I said, it (the camera resetting position to origin of parent) is happening to me in 4.11(8).

Can you find bug reports on AnswerHub? I couldn’t. If things like that don’t get reported, or you simply don’t want to bother because “it’s been reported many times”, bugs don’t get fixed :confused:

Yeah, I am just typing random stuff here, for lack of something better to do…


And if u do a search about “camera resets positions”, there are a lot of other reports on the matter, too, although not limited to the GearVR.

Seems that the bug I reported yesterday is actually the expected behavior in 4.11. U need to add a dummy (Scene Component) inside the character, and parent the camera to it. At least this is what the updated docs say.


I have the same problem. I could correct the location with the scene component, but it didn’t work for the rotation. do you already have a solution?

Thank you!!

In your PlayerController BP. Try using “Set Control Rotation” in combination with “Reset Orientation and Position”. That worked in 4.9 and 4.10. I did not test in 4.11.

Did u guys create a new camera in 4.11? This alone fixed it for me.

creating a new camer is a slight problem for us, since we have a c++ project and the character->scene component->camera is created via coding :wink:
we have a “player start” and spawn the player there. the player start is facing the direction we want the player to face at the start … but this has no effect on the character.

setting the scenen component is working fine for the location, but the rotation behaves … lets say “different”. we tried a debug output for the rotation in every tick. for the first tick it is fine, but somehow the character is reset between the first and the second tick.

edit: we tried setting the rotation for the character, scene component and camera. all three behave the same way.

A ticket has been entered

I wonder if they fix it in 4.11.2 or any 4.11 patch release