Players in LAN multiplayer can't use inputs

Version: 4.9.2

Okay so I have multiplayer working based of the Multiplayer Shootout project, and it works fine connection wise, BUT any players (other that host) can’t change variables by the looks of things.


  1. I have a double jump set up (using Launch Character) but when the a player (not host) presses jump in the air they start to jump for 0.1sec then teleport back, while of servers view they just jump once normally.
  2. I have a basic branch so if sprinting set movement speed to Max Walk Speed if not set to Max Sprinting Speed, but nothing happens at all.

It seems like you’re not sending your movement commands to the server. Clients perform the said actions, but snap back after receiving corrections from the host. To confirm that it’s the case, you can type “p.NetShowCorrections 1” in the console, and perform some double jumps on a client.

There are several ways of implementing movement abilities, there’s a great overview here: Character Movement Component | Unreal Engine Documentation

For a start, I think you can take Approach 3 from the above article: trigger an ability locally, and tell the server to do the same using an RPC (or function replication). To make it in Blueprint, check out Part 5 of these tutorials: Blueprint Networking Tutorials - Unreal Engine

I hope this helps!

Yes that you are saying is the problem, and then I do the command “p.NetShowCorrections 1” for the correction of both sides if shows what was supposed to happen but didn’t.

Now the problem that I am having is that the switch has authority nodes function has changed, of which annoyed me allot. Instead of on the out pin of authority meaning that that even is important and will be carried out server side, it now means that only the play of which is the server/authority and do it.

Also I have watched the tutorials stated above and have then downloaded to my hard drive, I will rewatch them incase I missed a tick box or something.

Thank so, far I await you reply ilookha

Also just to clarify, all other controls work other that sprint and double jump.