PlayerName inherited variable is not replicated?


Unreal 4.19: “PlayerState - PlayerName” inherited variable is not anymore network replicated?

Greetings! I had to dig into this as well this morning.

The old “PlayerName” string has been deprecated.

	/** Player name, or blank if none. */
	DEPRECATED(4.19, "This property is now deprecated, please use GetPlayerName and SetPlayerName/SetPlayerNameInternal functions instead.")
	UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = PlayerState)
	FString PlayerName;

You can use the GetPlayerName (and other functions mentioned above) from the PlayerState instead, for example:

Have a MAD day!

Thank you!
Why do they make this change and not mention it somewhere?
Why change it at all?

Anyhoo… thanks, game back to normal now.