PlayerCharacter's Capsule Component - Set Collision Response to Channel [MULTIPLAYER]

hello, I need to make a door that only certain players can pass (is a mesh of a door and a box collider that acts as an invisible door that doesn’t allow the player to go through). But when I use the “Set Collision Response to Channel” (of the player capsule) on a server RPC (I implement the RPC on the playercharacterBP) only the server gets updated and doesn’t replicate with the player client’s capsule. Then I see that the capsule can be marked as “Component Replicates” but my client still doesn’t update. Any ideas on what it could be? thank you

So… …you have a static mesh, let’s say a brick wall, and you want only certain players to pass thru this brick wall mesh.

Your plan is to change the collision properties on the brick wall dynamically based on the character colliding with the box collider. Yes?

If no, is the plan to change the collision property of the character for “a short time” to allow for the player to pass thru the brick wall?

Sorry I completed forgot to update my question. I got some help on discord.
I solved it by making it a RepNotify var on the Player Character (“bCanOverlapInviDoor?”). so if the player finishes the task on the room and gets close to the door I change the boolean and update the channel response on the function of the RepNotify. That way all players can see the player go through the door but they can’t until they finish their task in the room.