Player stuck in Transition Level / Loading Screen Level

Hi there, we currently working on a VR-Project. We use to setup the Game with Level-Streaming. The Player should place an item to a certain area.
On overlap with a box in this area the player should travel to a loading screen /transition map and during this time the current map should unload and the next level should load.
We followed along a discription (animated loading “level 2”)
and modified the behavior a bit because the Loading Level doesn´t appear on screen. For a millisecond the original htc vive screen appears.
Unfortunately, this is not the desired effect.
So we decided to add the “should be visible node” two times - one true for the loading level and one false for the current level (see screenshot below).
But sadly this doesn`t work as well. The Transition Level has not been loaded. So we added a delay node and suddenly the loading level appeared. But a new problem
came up concurrently. The player stuck in the Transition Level and is not able to spawn in the next level.
Got anyone a solution for this? Your help would be much appreciated.

Dr. Gonzo

Nevermind…found the error.

what was the error? I have the same issue