Player Start actor turns into a sphere when creating a movie in Matinee


I’m creating a movie and run into a strange problem. I checked on the Actor Hidden In Game for the Player Start. When creating a movie it turns into a sphere which I don’t want to see it. The attached images are screenshots during the movie process.

Please help.

This is the “player” -> normally when you add a player start it should go away. :slight_smile:

Do you mean you add another player start? So you have 2 player starts? I added another(total 2 of them), put one of them away from the camera and the sphere is still there when creating a movie. I even deleted it so there is none in the level, then created a movie. A new white sphere showed up at 0,0,0 coordinate this time. What am I missing to make it disappear while creating a movie?

Try using the “Set Cinematic Mode” node via blueprints when you start the matinee. You can set the player character hidden in this.

That’s the mesh of the default spectator pawn. It wont be visible if you enable Hide Player in details panel of the Matinee actor.

Thank you guys, I finally made it by enabling Hide Player in details panel of the Matinee actor. No more sphere!