Player replication only working one way (server -> client)

I’m having issues with pawn replication. It seems the server replicates to the client just fine, but the client doesn’t replicate back.

I believe I have everything configured correctly (the pawn used by both players is the same as has replication turned on).

Any help would be great.

Clients rarely just replicate to the server or other clients, since that would allow easy cheating.

What happens is that clients ask the server to “behave” in a certain way, then the server calculates the behaviour and replicates the outcome back to all clients (including the one that asks for the behaviour).

So in order for your server to know the status of your pawn, you have to simulate the behaviour on it using server functions or function replication.

In case you haven’t checked this out yet, then do it, since it pretty much covers everything.

Ah right. Following the tutorials, it seems to indicate that just clicking the “Replicated” and “Replicate Movement” is enough. Clearly its not. In my case, I don’t need any sort of validation, I literally want the client to be able to just say “This is where I am”.

I guess I best look in to how the hell to do that, cos the tutorials don’t appear to cover client -> server movement replication

I don’t have much time to explain it in detail…

First of all develop your replication feature with a dedicated server. The listen server will trick you! So, dedicated first, listen second.

Next is to be aware of the “restrictions” that exists on “what is allowed to replicate” -> search documentation for replication and read carefully!

It’s not that hart to understand…after you stopped working on a listen-server.

Wolfsblut, I agree, the listen server test is a massive distraction - doesn’t function in a “reality” way.

Been reading the docs and makes much more sense now. I got the wrong end of the stick by just following tutorials which seem to massively gloss over client => server movement replication. I have a good idea on how to sort it out now, thanks :slight_smile: