Player pawns disappear when ejecting in the editor

I am in the early stages of getting my custom character to replicate over the network, and am running into some issues.

This problem only happens when I have more than one session. The game behaves perfectly with no networking involved.

Each pawn has it’s own attached Camera on a spring arm.

When I start up 2 sessions, go to the main viewport and Eject, both visible player pawns disappear. I can move the camera around and see the level, but no pawns. Looking at the scene outline, they are still there. If I possess again, they reappear, unmoved.

If I get my mouse cursor back, select the pawn in the scene outline (while it is still possessed and thus visible), I get the picture-in-picture camera pop up with its cameras view. That cameras view does not contain the pawns geometry.

I’ve added a camera in the scene, selected it in the outline. It doesn’t see the pawns.

I’ve monkeyed with the view settings in the viewport, no changes. Again, this only happens when I have more than one session.

I’ve been researching and can’t even find out how I would have deliberately done this, much less accidentally like I have. Any hints?

I did some more experimentation after posting this question and found out what is happening. Seems like a bug.

The actors above are C++ Pawns, with code for their custom components which sets them up at runtime. I programmatically add a spring arm, camera, and the skeletal meshes, setup collision etc.

When I create a blueprint from that class, and set a default for one of the skeletal meshes, that default mesh shows up when I eject (even though it’s not the mesh I set at runtime.)