Player pawns and networking?


I’m trying to get a networked game working so I can have multiple VR players in the same scene. At the moment i have a custom VR Pawn set up, its very basic, but it has some features I built for this specific project. I think ive got the basics of Networking and Replication down, but i cant get the default players to posses this new VR Pawn ive set up. When i do this in single player, it seems to work fine.

If i network, sometimes the Server will grab the VR Pawn, but the client never does. Instead it drops an unmovable character into the origin of the scene. Ive dropped a player start in to where i need everything to start, but i get the same issues.

I feel like it might be something to do with the game mode? maybe there is a default Pawn setup i need to change or something? Appreciate the help.

Hello .did you find a solution for this? Did you find a good tutorial for Pawns and networking