Player Not Staying Restricted to Ledge

I am trying to have my player shimmy along a ledge when he has grabbed onto it. I have restricted the player movement so he can only move left and right when he has grabbed onto the ledge but the problem is my camera still rotates my body which is being controlled by the mouse allowing the player to pretty move wherever they want if they just move the mouse around.

I am not sure if there is an issue within my blueprint logic or if I have the camera setup incorrectly that could be causing the issue since I would still like to allow the player to look around when climbing the ledge but do not want that to affect the rotation of my capsule component.


If you are using the standard camera setup found in the 3rd person template, you shouldn’t have a problem. Just make sure your spring arm has “Use Pawn Control Rotation” checked and the Class Defaults has “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” unchecked. I see you must have been following Medel Design’s Ledge Climbing tutorials on YouTube, which I am also currently following. I need, however, to find a way to invert the character’s movement along a ledge when the camera is rotated 180, and also use the MoveForward input when the camera is 90 degrees, so your left thumbstick gamepad controls feel logical. This is how the ledge movement works in Super Mario Sunshine. I put together a system yesterday that basically does this, but is not 100% reliable like Super Mario Sunshine. Must keep investigating! :slight_smile: