Player mesh pushes heavy rigid body like a feather

Hello, i have an enemy character that when it dies it goes into ragdoll mode, which can be pushed by the skeletal mesh of the player (the capsule ignores it) for a more realistic feel. The problem is that it pushes the enemy mesh so easily (think gears of war 1) that it breaks the realism i’m trying to achieve. It doesn’t matter the mass i set, the result is always the same. Is there a way to prevent this? Thank you.

I’ve been having the same problem. My character pushes around physics objects too easily. However, one thing sort of worked for me, and might work better for you - try editing the Push values in the Character Movement component of the Player Character. As you can see in this screenshot, just go into character movement and search ‘Push’ under the details panel, and then edit the values to what makes sense.

I hope this helps!

Hey, good suggestion, but i used different values and had no effect whatsoever :frowning:

I am having this same issue, I have tweaked the values in the physics objects and in the character but the blue guy still seems to move objects like they are nothing, and apparently ignoring the angular and linear damping. The fire guy moves objects yet all the push settings on both are now default. Anybody have an idea what could be causing this issue? I’m at a complete loss.


Sorry, the fire guy for some reason started to move things painfully slow while recording. :confused: