Player locomotion out of sync with animated skeletal meshes

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World Building


A player that jumps on a moving cog will get teleported to a different part of it, and when they try to jump off it will happen again, making it impossible to use for platforming. The cog is a custom asset with an animation imported from Blender, set up as a skeletal mesh with a physics asset.

Also if you place a couple, they stop animating in-game as well:

Steps to Reproduce

Create a rotating animation of a skeletal mesh in Blender
Set up a physics asset for the skeletal mesh
Place its animation in the world so that the player can jump on it
Test and jump on the animated actor, then jump off it

Expected Result

Player jumps and lands on the correct spot

Observed Result

Player lands and teleports somewhere in the animated actor. When jumping off, they teleport again.