Player locked after ClientTravel \ Open Level

Hi guys. I’m creating my FPS game, and i got a problem, but first i want to describe my project’s architecture for better undestanding what is happening. I have two maps in my project:

  1. Entry - in this map i’ve created main menu, and three c++ classes: MenuCharacter, MenuPlayerController, MenuGamemod. Code of this classes is the same as they were by default.
  2. Test - in that map i have BaseCharacter, BasePlayerController and BaseGamemode.

So, the problem:
When i’m starting my game, loaded Entry level with main menu. When i’m doing ClientTravel( ip, TRAVEL_Absolute) on my dedicated server with running “Test” map, or when i’m doing Open Level via blueprint, i appear in “Test” level, but i can’t moving, jumping or crouching. I can do anything. But when i open “Test” level in editor and press “Play” button in editor i can move, jump etc. Well, guys, i don’t know where problem can be, but I think, I’m doing something in wrong way (or not doing…) when traveling from one world to another. I’ve checked that my classes are created well, checked that they constructors and “SetupPlayerInputComponent” called. But i still cant move. Help me please.

Here settings of “Entry” map:
Here settings of “Test” map:

Suddenly, problem was solved by myself. In my Main menu i’ve forgotten to hide menus before Travel\Open Level and return back PlayerController->SetInputMode() values.