Player index for SteamVR motion controllers?

Hi guys,

I have a good experience setting up the Vive’s controllers, I also added some rumble and particles and the buttons seem to work fine… and I can also pick up and throw objects. Cool stuff.

Now, I’d like to network this so I can see other people (we have a few Vives in here), but as soon as I test multiplayer nothing seems to work anymore.

If I run as server, I spawn in the correct place, but I cannot see the other person, and all the functionality is gone. I just see the controllers… and a clone of the controllers, offset in space.

The other player spawns in the correct place, and can interact with things, but I cannot see him nor him see me.

I am pretty new with Unreal, so I imagine it MIGHT have to do with this little guy:


As you can see, it asks for a player index, which has to be predefined. So I imagine when it spawns a new pawn when another player is in, it still wants to use the other player’s controllers.

If this is the case, how do I change this to be dynamic?