Player Culling over large distances in the Shooter Game sample

So I’m fiddling around with the Shooter Game sample from the Learning tab to brush up on integrating C++ and Blueprints together, and I’ve come across an issue that I can’t seem to find the cause of, and I’m not sure if it’s a C++ setting, or a Blueprint one that I’m missing.

Essentially, I created a new relatively basic large test map in the Shooter Game Sample project on a medium sized Landscape (Think about the size of Blood Gulch in Halo for the actual playable area), and when I started testing it, I noticed that players at relatively moderate distances (around or over roughly 10,000 units apart) are being culled from rendering on the client side, but on the server side the players are still rendering just fine which is what I want the Clients to also see.

I’ve tried adjusting the culling settings on the Pawn Blueprints themselves, I’ve adjusted Net Relevancy, I tried using a Cull Distance Volume, I even tried something I saw mentioned in another question about a similar issue on the Answer Hub here about disabling NetEnablePauseRelevancy from the ShooterCharacter class in the C++ side, and that didn’t have any effect either.

I’d ignore it entirely as a justifiable rendering optimization thing, but with players having access to Sniper Rifles, the scope is basically useless at distances over ten thousand units. All I want is to either make it so the client has the culling distance set to be significantly higher so the sniper scopes are worth using, or disabling culling the player on clients entirely if possible.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I might be missing that could cause/fix this?