Player crafting - modular weaponry


I’m aiming to create a player crafting system where the player is able to craft weapons of different styles. The system is nothing new, and I like the variety it brings to a crafting system.

Let’s look at medieval weaponry as an example. The player can select different styles for several weapon components, in this example Blade, Hilt and Crossguard and Pommel. These styles are only meant for cosmetic purposes.

I know that this will require a bunch of models, and that I need to model this myself, as I probably wont find weaponry split into components like these.

Does anyone have any ideas as of how I should go about making this? Both 3d model-wise and blueprint-wise. I’m thinking that the separate models must be modeled as individual 3d pieces, and then in the crafting blueprint I could snap the objects together (how?). Is that the correct workflow, and if so is there any specifics I need to worry about while modeling? I guess the 3d models need the same pivot points (centered), but how about word location etcetera? I guess they need to be modeled at the exact same worldspace in the 3d modeller, and as the same sizes?

Summary: Crafting system with modular pieces. Workflow, and how to? Snapping, individual 3d pieces? Similar to this: Modular weapon creation system. - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums

  • I would purchase this marketplace asset if I wasn’t dependent on building most of the game myself, as I want to have full control over my systems in order to improve at a later point.

I know I’m asking a lot here, so any tips and guidance is most welcome! :slight_smile:

This video i found a while ago. it’s more for character clothing but i think you can tweek it for weapon parts :

Yeah Ive seen that video once, it could indeed be useful. :slight_smile: