Player Controller issues

I’m trying to make a player controller that works in VR as well as in editor when an hmd isn’t enabled. I was wondering if anyone had any suggested best practices for this? I’d like to be able to control the first person view via keyboard and mouse when in editor, and when the hmd is active, be able to let it drive the character. I’m using a vive so it is translation as well as rotation. I explored a few things like pawn possession etc, but I think the controller is what I should be adjusting. Thanks!

I usually set up two different game modes and switch between them when I’m debugging or playtesting. If I need to get the players location (hmd in world space), I first cast to VivePawn, and if failed, I cast to Pawn. It saves me alot of time not having to take on and off the HMD for simple testing when possessing a player is needed.

Ah ok. so are you manually switching between the modes before hitting play?

i’ve the same problem: how can i switch between controllers during game ? There is an event in gamemode “OnSwapPlayerControllers”, but i don’t know how to use it…