Player Controller for Client

Hello. I am making a multiplayer game, at early stages.

I made projectile spawns and mouse cursor events but those only work for server. Client only shoots to single location. I looked a lot, tried a lot but couldn’t figure it out. Tried to cast PlayerController blueprint and take all playercontrollers in the game but didn’t work.

Can anyone help?

Here is an awesome multiplayer knowledge compendium, i think you need to watch tutorials as well. Plus, a but more info on the problem would be nice.

I use this to spawn projectiles and it works fine if you are server. Client side only shoots at one location.

I couldn’t figure out which node to use on player controller. I get a reference of gameplay player controller but that doesn’t work.

I see that you are using a custom event (Spawn Projectile) that hasn’t been set to “Run on Server”. If the client is going to execute this event then it needs to be “Run on Server”

there is a Run on Server version of this on top the event on the image. Client uses the Run on Server and Server uses the normal version. I put those together with SwichHasAuthority.

Can anyone help?