Player controller executes only on client after changing map with a dedicate server

  • I have an event begin play with a print string in the player controller script.
  • I have the dedicate check box checked and a function that calls “Open Level” node on the client side.

When the game starts (on editor, standalone and build) on the starting map, the print string inside the player controller is called on the server and the client.

but after changing level to another map, the print string only called on the client side.
It’s the same when traveling to the starter map as well.

It is like the dedicate server is stop working after changing map.
It worked before as intended and had no issues with it.
I have tries to redo all the changes I did from then but with no luck to make it works again.

I’ve tried to:

  • Delete Intermediate, Saved and DerivedDataCache Folders.
  • Changing from seamless travel to non seamless travel
  • Rebuilding code from source