Player Camera Post-Process Effects/ Health %

Hi everyone!

I’m an artist working on a prototype that centers around post-process effects in relation to health percentage and I’m trying to figure out how to go about a certain problem.


Right now I have a certain set post-process effects on the player camera that I’d like to somehow associate with full health. As health decreases, I’d like the player camera’s post-process effects to transition to another “set” (so to speak). It would essentially just be gradually transitioning between values on the sliders as the player’s health goes up and down.

Any help on how to do this in Blueprint would be awesome :smiley:

If there’s a more elegant solution to this, I’m totally open to it!

I’m not sure how post-process effects work, but is it possible to create a variable (float or integer) equal to the players health and then have the opacity/alpha/visibilty of the effects look at that variable? Like…If players HP = 1 (full), Cam Effect A’s visibilty = HP (1) while Cam Effect B’s visibilty = HP*-1 + 1.

If players HP = .2 (20%), Cam Effect A = .2(20%). Which means Cam Effect B = .8(80%)

Course this might not work lol. I dont know if this helps at all but I hope it gives you some ideas.

how to break apart and put back together a Post Process…
so you’d just set the Effect that you want to change to a Variable and update your Post Process everytime your player takes damage or increases their life…