Player being kicked out off mesh

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a basic VR game and I’m having some issues.

I created my level in blender (it’s an interior level) , but after importing it into UE4 as a single mesh it seems that I cannot get my player to get into it.

If I put the player start point inside the mesh, I can look around and it seems to work, but as soon as the player move they are kicked out of the mesh.

Would anyone know what’s causing that?


Hi, Antoine.

Sounds like a collision issue.
You can check it in the default viewport by changing the View Mode to Player Collision.

Alternatively you can open you mesh directly in the mesh editor, then check the collision there.

By default, Unreal uses the simple collision, which you have to make separately.
You can change it to use the mesh as collision, however in most cases that would be more expensive.
You can do that inside the mesh editor. Go to the Details panel and under Collision, change the Collision Complexity to Use Complex Collision as Simple for your mesh.

I hope this helps.