PlayAnimation function is not working

Hello guys! My weapon mesh is attached to empty scene component of player. Weapon also have it’s own animations. When I trying to play weapon animation by calling function PlaySlash() from my player BP, animation just not working. How can i fix it?

Function PlaySlash from my weapon code:

void APickUpWeapon::PlaySlash()
	WeaponMesh->PlayAnimation(Anim, false);

Weapon Mesh is USkeletalMeshComponent

Here is my player BP:

I will be very grateful for any help with it.

I would start with basic questions :
Are you sure the code is called ? ( log / breakpoint ? )
Are you sure “Anim” variable has a correct value ? ( set up and match the skeleton )

once all that is sure, after calling the code, while in PIE select the weapon mesh in world and check animation and animation mode there ( it should be correct, else post what you see )

I’m sure that code is called and looks like Anim variable has correct value

How can i select the weapon mesh in editor, while editor is frozen(after hitting breakpoint in PlaySlash()?

If you mean editor breakpoints, i got broken breakpoints there.

Finally, I have fixed all problems with editor breakpoints. Here is screenshot of what is

going on with weapon mesh after hitting breakpoint on PlaySlash() in player’s BP

from what i see you have some code that force “animation mode” to “UseAnimationBlueprint”

is you use animation blueprint for your unit, consider using animation montage and use " YourMesh->AnimScriptInstance->Montage_Play" function

I tried to do this, but looks like my UAnimMontage is NULL.
Here code from constructor:

    static ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder<UAnimMontage>SlashMontageObj(TEXT("AnimMontage'/Game/Art/Katana/katana_SlashMontage.katana_SlashMontage'"));
    UAnimMontage* slashAnimMontage = SlashMontageObj.Object;

And here is my function:

    void APickUpWeapon::PlaySlash()

Here is screenshot from my debug session(value of slashAnimMontage after completing the constructor):

I’ll better try to do all this in blueprints. Anyway, thanks for you help and sorry for my english :slight_smile: