Play MP4 video on Quest


I wanted to play a small video (.mp4, H264, 20MB) on a TV screen (mesh) in my Level. I have created a proper material and texture. Also added my source movie in the Movies folder in Content and linked the file media source to that location.
In the editor, everything works fine but when deploying to Quest (using VULKAN API), it doesn’t play.

I have deployed to mobile in the past which worked fine but for some reason, the video doesn’t play in the Quest.
When I use the link cable (to work as a Rift), it also works fine.

I read somewhere about a possible solution by turning on mobile HDR but for Oculus Quest this is not recommended and I do not see why HDR should have an effect on media playback.

Anyway has experience playing media in a mobile app using Vulkan? Anything specific I need to do?

Hello! This can help

Hi Kehel, that’s exactly what I did. I have done this before on both desktop and mobile but it’s the first time I’m trying this on a VR Quest and using Vulkan. Not sure what is wrong here.

Still stuck on this. None of the movies I tried, play in VR (on Quest). Whenever I try it in the editor or using the link cable, it works fine. I tried a movie which played on Quest in version 4.24 but in 4.26 it doesn’t work anymore. Anyone who already tried playing a video on Android Mobile or Oculus Quest using 4.26 ?

Go to project settings. in the PACKAGING menu, select SPECIFIC MOVIES TO PACKAGE and paste the same URL you have on the media source, Also, you need to go inside your mediasource asset and in the PLATFORMS Box, set ANDROID to AndroidMedia (not automatic). Hope it helps.

Hi jsgvideos,

thanks for your help. I added the movie to package in project settings but even then it didn’t work. However, I disabled the option “Exclude movies files when staging” in the packaging section which solved the problem. My movie is playing. Unfortunately it generates a serious performance issue during playback but at least I can play it in-game. Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!

Great. Glad to be of help. Im planning on making a few tutorials on quest from a complete beginner stand point, as im a beginner too and want to share what im learning. If you want, you can subscribe to my youtube channel, alex g new media journalism:

All the best. :wink:

Hi, I subscribed to your channel. I think you could help a lot of people that want to get into development for Quest with Unreal. We personally are lacking some good tutorials about optimization (project settings, level design, development etc) for Quest. Even though we have developed some VR experiences already, there are still some questions unanswered. The documentation from Unreal isn’t great, unfortunately. I did find the tutorial for Oculus quest of the VR framework quite useful for beginners, regardless if you are using their great framework (or not): AVR Framework to Oculus Quest 2: Project settings - YouTube
Good luck with your channel.

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ok Mp4