Play in new window possition (multiplayer) and multiple clients problem

Hi and a happy new year :slight_smile:

I hope i am right here.

At my project, i have activated “Dedicated Server” and 2 Clients.
I am running it on “Play in a new Window”, but UE4 dont saves my last window possitions.
Solution is 1680x1220 each Client.
My Monitor have 3440x1440

On the left side should be the Client 1 window, on the right side the Client 2 window. (to test all my multiplayer stuff)
Every time i press play in new window, both windows are overlapping in the center of my screen and not one of the left and the other on the right side :frowning:

How can i fix that?
On UE4 17.2 this problem was fixed, but now its back again with 18.2

Another question:

Example for “Print to String” a float with number 123:
With 2 clients, (above) i got this on my left screen.

Client 2 : 0
Client 2 : 123
Client 1 : 0
Client 1 : 123
Server : 0
Server : 123

How can i remove the unused Client 1, 2 and Server with number 0?

Thanks for help.

Anyone can help?

yeap i can, you need to uncheck “always center window to screen” in play advanced settings


It dont works :frowning:

How can i fix this?
Reset the Config or how?

Have uninstalled old UE4 18.2 and take a new fresh installation of 18.2 = no effect.
Have created a new project = no effect.

See That is, this is a known bug unfortunately not solved with 4.19.0, but setting the Windows 10 dpi scale to 100 % is a workaround.