Play Dynamic Force Feedback only working on index 0, applies to all controllers

I’m trying to add force feedback to the Steam VR controllers using ‘Play Dynamic Force Feedback’.

If I apply the force feedback to controller 0, all of the devices (including my gamepad) vibrate.

Any other indices do nothing.

Should I not be able to specify the controller index, or is that not currently supported?

I have the same issue. Is there a bug fix we can cherry pick from github?

Bumping this, really want to get started in integrating haptics into my systems soon.

Rumble in motion controllers is important. I bump your bump, in hopes we can get this resolved…

PlayDynamicForceFeedback seems to work in editor, now… mostly. Unfortunately, the “Affects” booleans count false as a disable for a motor currently going. This means that if controller 1 is rumbling, then a command to controller 2 issued, it will turn off the rumble for controller 1. Additionally, nothing functions in a build. Closer…?

Bumping, we’re edging closer to submission dates and it’d be a big shame to have no haptics when we’re so close to having what we need

I just looked through the code in 4.11 and the controller id is properly passed down to the Steam devices.