Play a video in IOS 4.9 [SOLVED]

I have a video in h.264 format and the right size for ios, but it’s not playing in my ipad. Any suggestion or is it not supported atm? The video is being played as a video texture on a plane in the viewport, works fine in the engine.

Bump as I have been trying to find and answer. For those that are looking for an update, or that are looking at the same thing as me, here is the post I have done in the forums:

3 months later… I’VE DONE IT!!!

So, the solution:

1-Follow the steps in this tutorial (- YouTube)

2-You must have your video in this format (I am using Ipad Air 2 and UE4 4.9.2):
I used Premiere Pro for the conversion, in the export settings I chose H.264, then the dropdown below that I chose Apple Tv, Ipad 720p, then I changed to these settings: h.264, 1042x768,25fps, VBR 1 pass, No sound.

3-You must place your video in: YourProjectFolder-Content-Movies(Create a folder named movies if you dont have one)

4-In the media Player, you must go to the Source you must link it to the video you placed in the movies folder in step 3, otherwise it won’t work.

5-Considering you followed the tutorial in point 1, the last thing you have to do, if you want it to play in your UMG is to create a MEDIA TEXTURE VARIABLE, then you must assign it to the Media Texture of your video in the details panel.

6-Lastly, thanks to these thread (Media texture bugs,set loop and rewind fail on ios device - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums) The nodes you must write in the Blueprints are :

(IN UMG) - Construct-(get var created of media texture, then drag the media player of it, then drag of it the play node) and attach the construct to the Play node). And Voilá!!!

This method worked for me. Hope it helps someone else as well!

Hi, I do not know if it’s too late to ask around here, but I have the same problem, and I performed all the steps that are mentioned here, in the editor the video if it plays but in the ipad pro 2 simply the video comes out in black. What can I do now?

your youtube link is not working, please share the link