Play 2D blendspace above a certain bone in C++?

I’d like some guidance on how to go about playing a one-off 2D blendspace animation, but not on the entire character. The goal is to be able to, for example, have a character be able to throw a knife or grenade in the direction of the mouse when a user presses their assigned attack button.

Currently, I play the appropriate anim by first calling PlayAnimation:

MyMesh->PlayAnimation(MyBlendSpace, false);

After, I pass it the necessary parameters, the rotation to the mouse cursor, via a retrieved SingleNodeInstance:


This is relatively straightforward and works fine, except the lower body will also animate (in so much as it turns to a static pose, since that part of the model isn’t animated in the blendspace). Is there any way to prevent this? E.g. using a slot? Or else, should I be doing this differently?

I’ve been looking through the associated API entries and checking out how some of the BP nodes are implemented, but can’t figure it out. At the very least, someone confirming my fear that I might have to constantly grab the bone information from the normal pose and do my own application of the blendspace anim would be very helpful, if not somewhat depressing.

No one has ever needed to do any type of a blended throw animation?
I looked over some information on creating animation nodes for BP and may be able to use that, but it seems very hacky.