Platform Movement Not Affecting Player's VR Pawn - UE 4.15

I’m trying to get a Boat to move the player’s VR pawn, but the boat moves without the user.

I tried childing a cube mesh component to the Player Pawn Camera Component, but on play, the boat takes the cube but not the VR player pawn.

Similarly, I was unable to get an elevator to take the VR player up. The platform moved without the player.

How could I go about fixing this?

Does the pawn have a capsule collision?
Because if you’re using a CharacterBP rather then a PawnBP, the Capsule collision is already there, so you’ll inherit all the setup, so it will work out of the box.
Also, are you 100% sure that the elevator/boat have a collision set?

If I remember correctly, for an eleveator using a PawnBP, I simply attached the Pawn to the elevator ( using Z axis only ) as soon as the evelator starts moving, and of course it detachesd the Pawn then the elevator stops.
I used that for VR, so I’m not sure it works with a standard thiumbstick-controlled player.

Hello, thank you for your response.

Yes, the pawn has a capsule collider.
The boat has a collision set as well.

I’m a beginner–so I’m sorry if this is obvious–what do you mean by attach Pawn to the elevator?