Platform dependant blueprint classes


I’m currently working on a UI-only desktop game, which should be released on Android and iOS. The only difference for the new platforms would be the UI, so changing some UMG blueprints and the GameViewport class would be enough to seperate the platforms without unnecessarily increasing the build size for every platform.

So I came up with the idea of using redirectors to point to correct classes for mobile platforms, but this creates issues in the cooking process: Adding the redirectors to the AndroidEngine.ini and IOSEngine.ini results in the game correctly trying to load the mobile blueprints, but in the cooking process only the desktop blueprint are cooked, because the build platform is not the same as the target platform and the config for the target platform isn’t loaded.

Is there any other solution to this problem, execept for adding the configuration from the AndroidEngine.ini and IOSEngine.ini to the DefaultEngine.ini when building for mobile platforms?