Plasma or fluid like energy effect? Where to start?

OK I know the engine and the learning/market place content offers a pretty decent amount of particle effects though I was wondering what the best way to go at making a plasma like effect that would be on a models hand and go up his arm when at rest. I was watching the E3 Tournaments of Street Fighter V and I like how they did M.Bison’s Phsycho Power. Now I’m not trying to copy it exactly but I am looking for that kind of fluid like fire if that makes since. I don’t mind doing it myself though if someone could give me a point or similar tutorial I can tweak for particles that would be awesome. Also would it be easier to do it in the engine or make a Fluid Particle effect in Maya 2015 then export that? Also adding the Reveal Trailer for Bison to give an idea kind of and it’s using UE4 so I know it can be done just trying to figure out how with out it looking like “Blue Fire” for my model.


A decent option for plasma would be to make what’s called a flipbook or sprite sheet, meaning create an animated sequence of your fire or plasma in maya, lets say 36 or 64 frames, and then create one big texture that was tiled 6x6 or 8x8. You then have an animated texture to use on your particles, because they will play all the grid tiles of your big texture in order.