Plants,foliage and leaves creation techniques

I’m running a small development team over in Greece, we’re doing our best to make an RPG as it will be the first actual game for all of us.
We did a bootcamp to get things going teamwise, learn to work as a group, get some experience as we’re all university students.
We’ve now started taking our firs steps in creating our RPG, but I’ve run into a problem with our initial plant Models, apart from some standard UV errors we know how to fix, our vegetation and tree leaves have a weird look to them.
It feels very antiquated honestly. And I thought Making the leaves and foliage rotate relative to the camera’s position would be the best soluction to this.
After browsing a bit of other grass meshes created by other UE users here on the forums I firstly developed a minor inferiority complex and secondly realised our method seems actually archaic.
The models we’re making are basically so we can learn and adjust to what we need. Is there a way inside UE to fix these models into something better?
And if there even is. What kind of deal do I have to make in the name of the seven hells to actually make grass and foliage like this?:

Any tips or help is very much appreciated, be kind we’re still learning.

Thank you very much for your time.

-make sure that you enable “two sided” in your materials
-use a foliage shader material
-in most of the cases you use billboards for your 2nd or 3rd LOD level -> so mostly you use more tris for your LOD0

Grass is pretty easy to create -> you just need a good texture, a mesh with normals that are facing the right way, a foliage material and a good light setup :slight_smile:
In the thread from the pic that you have posted, you can find some information about how he made this kind of grass

Blender ?v=X-Z1glEEk0s

That’s not suitable for games :wink:
The grass that you can see on the upper picture was rendered in the UE4 -> so it was made with static meshes
Here is a basic tutorial about that: ?v=Pqb76OXSQSY

Thank you very much for the help guys, the double sided tip really helps, not sure if I should enable double sided geometry or not, I’ll find out.
But what @ you are saying is that these ones should be used for distant LOD’s and in some way use the same or very similar texture to create higher quality grass.

Checking out the video now. the nose sniffs killed me xD

The “facing to camera” should be done for distant LOD’s as the player wont realize it :slight_smile:
But when you do it in a very clever way, you can also use it for your LOD0 to decrease the tri count -> speedtrees are using this technique

Nice tut. Thanks

Here are two foliage tutorials, both are a few years dated but the basic workflow is still the same.