planting the player to help stop sim sickness

I’m playing around with using the third person template with a large world. 40km x 40km, its 20kmx20km then I just scaled the player to .5 with everything else. I’ve had my Oculus DK2 since Jan last year, and have got my VR legs (low powered graphics card AMD 7870) but now I have a EVGA 970 SSC. my frames are hitting constant 75fps. But because its third person template moving the camera around with the right stick on the gamepad cause sim sickness after awhile. So I thought to plant the player, I use something attacked to the camera boom. I got the space ship from Epics Features Tour 2014. It helps a little as its attached to the camera boom so it stays still when moving the HMD and it doesn’t move but moves when moving the camera position via right stick on gamepad. but when you go from 1 map to another the mesh used to plant the player isn’t in the same place.

Does anyone know the best way around this.

No one can help, that unfortunate. Guess once I figure it out I will have to post it for others. I’m thinking maybe I might have to setup a blueprint that has a pawn for the camera and then make a child off that blueprint to possess my character. or something like that.

I figured it out. I took the RTS approach with adding a camera.